The Perfect
Home Business

1. Try high quality health supplements RISK FREE. If you do not like them send them back within 30 days for a full refund.

2. If you like them, continue to use them and recommend them to other people.

3. If the people you recommend the products to try them, also risk free, and keep them, then you make money off of the referral.

4. If the person you told about Life Plus products also refers someone else to Life Plus who tries the supplements risk free and likes them then you and the person you referred makes money off the referral.

5. Grow as large as you want.

There are also startup bonuses.

To learn more about the referral payments CLICK HERE.

The Good Stuff

It took me a while to learn about and develop these techniques. I offer them here to help new associates build their networks.

If you are not an associate/customer affiliated with this network you will be able to read a general description of each technique below but the details are password protected.

Once you are a Life Plus associate/customer under this network and have an associate/customer ID number submit an access request - CLICK HERE.

Once I have created a "Good Stuff" training account for you I will email you a user ID and password. Once you receive this ID and password you will be able to log into the "Good Stuff" training area using the LOG IN page.

My Tools and Techniques

This Website - All Life Plus associates that are in my down-line (associated under my network) will be able to use this website to introduce people to and/or market Life Plus. This is actually more powerful than it seems. If the URL at the top of this page does not show /the-good-stuff.php at the end of it then an associate is using this website to build their business.

Out of The Box Websites - For those that want more control of the content of their websites, I also offer free websites to help you get started. The websites do not include hosting service.

Online Website Marketing - These techniques show how to market a website online: article directory marketing, Charge Per Click (CPC) marketing, Forum Marketing... and more.

Offline Website Marketing - These techniques show how to market a website offline: Business Cards, Window Stuffing, Vehicle Decals, Company Shirt... and more.

Marketing the "Million Lives Team" Invitation - The Team has created a wonderful invitation website but you need to know how to use it properly in order to truly see its benefit. I will show you how.

Using Audio Disks - My Diamond (first diamond in my up-line) has created two audio recordings that are great for getting people interested in high quality health supliments and explaining the Life Plus Referral Marketing Business Opportunity. There are a few different ways to use these recordings.

To get started CLICK HERE.