The Perfect
Home Business

1. Try high quality health supplements RISK FREE. If you do not like them send them back within 30 days for a full refund.

2. If you like them, continue to use them and recommend them to other people.

3. If the people you recommend the products to try them, also risk free, and keep them, then you make money off of the referral.

4. If the person you told about Life Plus products also refers someone else to Life Plus who tries the supplements risk free and likes them then you and the person you referred makes money off the referral.

5. Grow as large as you want.

There are also startup bonuses.

To learn more about the referral payments CLICK HERE.

Want to Build a Risk Free Business?
Let's Get Started!

Whether you want to refer enough customers to cover your Life Plus products, make a few hundred dollars extra a month to subsidize your income, or build a full time business... It is up to you... And Life Plus can help make it happen.

Note: In order to get a better idea of what Life Plus has to offer, I recommend reviewing the audio and videos on the "Why Life Plus" page your first week.

First Steps to Success with Life Plus

(Should be Completed in the First 2 or 3 Days)

STEP 1: Place Your Starting Order

Life Plus uses referral marketing. In order to earn referral commissions you need to be using the products. Since Life Plus has referral marketing associates all around the world, they keep track of sales with IP (international points) instead of any currency. Each product is assigned an IP value.

To qualify for phase 1 of the Life Plus compensation plan, referral marketers must order 40 IP worth of product for personal use (you will probably end up ordering more... The quality is outstanding).

Remember, Life Plus offers a 30 Day "Money Back" Product Guarantee on products sold, excluding shipping and handling charges.

My recommendation for a Business Builder is to order one of the combination Programs on ASAP (Auto-Ship Program). Be sure to account for the IP requirements that will help you meet your business goals as outlined in the Compensation Plan.

Placing your IP requirement under the ASAP program qualifies associates for level 3 of phase 1 of the compensation plan and allows them to set up an associate website with LifePlus.

To learn more and make your first LifePlus order CLICK HERE.

Click Here to Place your first order and get started

STEP 2: Learn Life Plus Basics

Review and Print the following PDFs

Marketing Associate Agreement - This is the agreement that Life Plus requires you to fill out and send to them. They should send you a copy with your first check. They will not send you a second check until they receive a completed Marketing Associate Agreement.

If you plan on marketing/referring Life Plus risk free products and/or business opportunity, it is good to go ahead and complete the marketing agreement and mail it in as soon as you receive a customer/associate ID with your first order.

To download and view the Marketing Associate Agreement CLICK HERE.

"Life Plus: About Us Brochures" - These brochures explain the Life Plus story: the company, product quality and manufacturing, and the simple Life Plus referral marketing business concept.

Learn the Life Plus story; the company, manufacturing and product quality, plus the simple Life Plus Referral Marketing business concept.

"Life Plus About Us Brochures"

CLICK HERE - English version

CLICK HERE - Spanish version

CLICK HERE - Japanese version

These brochures are available for order in your www.LifePlusCentral.com members area, Training Center.

"Global Training System" - You may market your business offline, online or both. Whatever tools and techniques you use there are some foundational concepts, just apply them to what you are doing.

CLICK HERE - English version

CLICK HERE - Spanish version

Available for order in your www.LifePlusCentral.com members area, Training Center.

Presenting the Life Plus business opportunity to others.

Offline Presentation - The "Life Plus Concept" brochure (8 pages) is a simple tool to use for presenting the product and business concept. Order 1, 10 pack or 22 pack, check with Life Plus for current prices.

CLICK HERE - English version

Online Presentation - No need to spend money buying and mailing DVDs. Since most people are online today, you can send people to the business presentation videos on your www.LifePlusCentral.com/yoursitename.

There are 4 different videos, starting with "Introduction to Life Plus" and "How Life Plus Works". People can then join directly on your site.

Note: There are business and training tools in three parts of the Members area at www.lifepluscentral.com
- first, Top nav - Associates, then access:
- Left nav - Media Center
- Left nav - Training Center
- Left nav - Business Building Tools

Step 3: Set Up your Life Plus Website

Create/setup or edit your websites - on 40 IP (or higher) ASAP.

You will have to set up an account when you place your order, which will entail an email address and a password (10 characters with at least one capital letter). This will also be what you use to access the websites from then on.

Once you have signed up, if you want to set up your website, they simply click on the "develop a Business" tab, go to "Business Kit" and select "Your website" to set up their site and begin referring.

If you sign up by phone, simply go to the lifeplus.com and click on "register" at the top, and then using your PIN number you can set up your account and do the same as above to set up your site.

For those of you with existing websites and accounts, you can login with your current PIN and passcode and then upgrade your account by establishing the email and password of your choosing...it needs to be a 10 character password with at least one capital letter.

After selecting the "Your Website" link, fill in the form. Keep your LifePlus website name short and easy to remember. Submit the form when you are done filling it out.

Finally... go visit your LifePlus website. It is actually an extension of the LifePlus website. It should look like this: www.lifeplus.com/YourWebsiteName

The form you just submitted also sets up a LifePlus Central website that you can send people to if they are interested in learning about the business side of LifePlus. This website should look like this: www.lifepluscentral.com/YourWebsiteName

Explore LifePlus Central and check out the members section.

Step 4. Accessing Your Life Plus Business Information

Once you've created your websites, go to your business website; www.lifepluscentral.com/whatevernameyourpicked - enter the site and you will see "Members" on the top navigation. You can access business information from this page, but will have to login to access the Media Center for documents.

Step 5. How You Earn Income

Many network marketing companies have large up-front costs to join and start your business. I call most of these "Quick Money" companies. The problem is they often promote the "Big Bucks" instead of the products.

These groups usually grow quickly because of the emphasis on money, but they also disintegrate just as fast. They attract people that focus on the money and when those at the bottom go a few months without a profit... They Quit! This reduces the paychecks of their sponsors so their sponsors quit... and then their sponsors quit... this tends to continue up the line.

Now, let me be clear. It doesn't matter what company you are with, some of your customers and business builders will leave. Do not take it personally or let it slow you down. Remember, Life Plus products are 100% guaranteed. People that are focused on the money instead of the product may quit their first month if they do not see a profit so they can get their money back.

True Business builders should focus on finding new customers and business builders. Finding customers creates width and more stable business volume. Finding business builders (who are also loyal product using customers) and helping them build a customer base, then helping them find and develop builders is the process you want to repeat.

First - Build your customer base

Second - Some of your customers may wish to get their products paid for and become builders or look for business builders who understand the value of good nutrition in their life.

To learn how the Life Plus Compensation Plan works CLICK HERE.

Congratulations on Finishing
Your First Steps To Success!

If you stayed focused and completed these steps within 3 days then you are well on your way to seeing success with Life Plus

You'll find initial and ongoing audio and video training to help you in building a successful Life Plus home business in the - Life Plus Training Center and you will have training documents and .mp3 audios in your Life Plus Associate Training Center.

I also offer many effective techniques that are not covered by the Life Plus training center. To check them out CLICK HERE.